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Kapoho is a special place on the most south easterly corner of the Island of Hawaii and touted as having the cleanest air in the United States. Being approximately 30 miles south of Hilo it has half of the rainfall of Hilo but about 4 times as much as the dry side at Kona. Lush vegetation abounds resembling the best of Kawai. The Kapoho Oceanfront retreat is a development containing three oceanfront homes situated on almost a one acre site in the gated community of the Beach Lots Subdivision. The subdivision was created in the late 1950's when the line between oceanfront private ownership and States rights were not yet fully delineated. As a result many of the homes in the area have lava rock walls extending directly in to ocean. When proof of proper permits existed before certain legislated dates the title to such improvements becomes fixed in the law. This creates a situation that will not ever be duplicated in this Country.

The Kapoho oceanfront retreat is known as Honu Cove, which is the Hawaiian word for "turtle", named after the many turtles that reside in the warm shallow clear waters of the cove created by the seaward side of the property. Because of the pristine quality of the area it was decided to remodel the three existing homes in the compound into a natural Polynesian village made out of indigenous building materials including all natural Ohia logs for the structural frame of the buildings. A large all natural Ohia pavilion has been added and all of the original homes are being completely rebuilt without any exposed machined lumber.

Lush indigenous plant specimens are being planted creating a botanical garden of the property. Once completed the property will be available for corporate retreats, Yoga and meditation programs and weddings.

Kapoho Oceanfront Retreat

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Kapoho Kapoho Kapoho Kapoho

Kapoho Kapoho Kapoho Kapoho

Kapoho Kapoho Kapoho Kapoho

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