Design Competition and Collaboration
For Repositioning Plan For The 101 Ash Street Building

Winners Announced

(Formerly The Sempra Energy Corporate Headquarters Building)
San Diego, California 92101


A lot of time has been spent on evaluating all of the creative entries we received from all of you and we have had a challenging but enjoyable experience reviewing them. Thanks to all of you for participating. After considerable deliberation, the following are the results:

1st Prize combined $8,000 to be divided

After due deliberation we found two applicants who had very similar scores. To resolve this dilemma, we have decided to combine the prizes for both first and second places for an award of $8,000 to be divided by the two top contestants.

2nd Prize - combined with first prize.

3rd Prize - $2,000

Prize Package Winners

1st Prize Parron Hall I AVRP $4,000
1st Prize Derek McFarland $4,000
3rd Prize Christian Rice Architects, Inc. $2,000
Name Concept McCabe Architecture $1,000
Lobby Concept Rubing Xu $1,000

Esteemed Contributors

  Cameron Y. Y. Atsumi
  J. Douglas Wright - Architect -PACThai International
  Luke Altenau
  MG2 Corporation - Irvine
  Richard Tazelaar


The discretionary architectural contract will not be granted at this time as it appears that a repositioning of 101 Ash Street may not occur, as a single government entity is currently studying the opportunity as future government offices. It currently appears likely that we will be entering into a transaction in which the building will become occupied by such single office tenant. Notwithstanding that outcome, some of the contestants may be called upon to participate in future projects even if this project is not repositioned.

We are gauging the interest of each entrant about attending a buffet dinner in the lobby of 101 Ash Street for all of the contestants sometime in November or December at which all of you will have an opportunity to display a poster of your respective concepts and the judges and owner will have opportunities to comment on the presentations. Please reply at your earliest opportunity as to whether or not you would like to attend.

Once again, thanks to all of you for participating.

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